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We have MANY TESTIMONIALS AND 5 STAR REVIEWS about natural medicine healing to share with you the hope and joy of recovery from our patients. Read more about Acupuncture for Allergies, Acupuncture for Diabetes, Acupuncture for Arthritis and Acupuncture for Pain. We will do our best to help you and are here for you.


“After eight treatments I can’t even remember feeling this good.  No runny nose, no headache, and much more energy.” J.J.

“Eight years ago, I came with bad allergies, a problem that I had for 20 years. I was allergic to food. I had only five treatments and my food allergies went away. I am happy with my results and I have gladly referred my relatives to him.” Thank you, G.B.

“In about 3 weeks my migraine headache and sinus problems disappeared and have never come back.” Thank you, I.R.

“My sinuses are open, the drainage is minimal, and my energy level has been increased.” E.L.

“…the pain from her ear infection went away after only one treatment.” M&L W.


“I can sleep without taking 2-3 pain pills a night.” R.P.

“I can now wash my face, brush my teeth, drive the car and have control of my life again.” B.S.

“The results showed that my blood was free of rheumatoid arthritis. Now I can even ride my motorcycle!” A.Y.

” Today there is no rheumatoid factor in the blood and I wear shoes, walk 3 miles a day, play golf, write every day and I have not taken a pain pill in over a year.” W.D.

“The pains I had for so long are now gone.” D.D.V.


“I would walk a thousand miles! No crutches! No wheel chair! Able to work hard in my garden!” K.G.H., a diabetic patient of 30 years.

“I have lost 66 pounds in 3 and a half months…My blood sugar is normal now. No high blood pressure.” J.S.

“…and now only three weeks later I am feeling like a new person, my esophageal varices are not bleeding, my stomach no longer bloated, my liver is doing better, my diabetes is under control with the diet, my energy level is up, and I’m feeling healthier now.” God Bless You! With Love, S.B.M.


“I truly believe that God led me here. I received acupuncture treatments, prescription herbal teas, and food counseling. Dr. Yeh and the caring staff were very helpful and very competent in medicine. Since receiving the treatments, I do not take drug medications, and I no longer suffer from pain. It is all gone.” – P.H.

“4 Treatments in 2 Weeks, My 32 Year Migraines are Gone!” H.T.

“I can stand up straight again and my energy level is increasing.” R.R., B.S., M.S.P.H.

“All pain are gone!…Together, we lost 52 pounds in 5 weeks!”, Rev. and Mrs. S.S.

“You have ended almost 30 years of suffering.” P.H.

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Allergies Fibroids Infertility Osteoporosis
Anxiety Fibromyalgia Injuries Pain
Arthritis Gastritis Insomnia PMS
Asthma GERD Interstitial Cystitis Prostatitis
Back pain Gout Irregular Periods Psoriasis
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Headaches Irritable Bowel Syndrome Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hemorrhoids Liver Cirrhosis Sciatic Nerve Pain
Colitis Hepatitis Lupus Shingles
Crohn’s Disease High Blood Pressure Menopause Syndrome Sinusitis
Cysts High Cholesterol Migraines Tendonitis
Depression Hyperthyroidism Multiple Sclerosis Ulcers
Diabetes Hypothyroidism Obesity Viral Infections
Eczema Impotence Osteoarthritis Weight Loss


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