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Acupuncture Cancer Patient Sees Tremendous Healing at Agape Acupuncture Orange County- Acupuncture Kidney Cancer, Pancreas Cancer

Acupuncture cancer patients have seen great healing and improvement, and are pleased to share their testimonials at Agape Acupuncture. These patients are pleased to note tremendous results. Consider this acupuncture cancer patient who came to Agape Acupuncture in Orange County in 2011.

The acupuncture cancer patient was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2010 and he was informed that he needed to get surgery right away. So, after 10 days, the patient underwent surgery and one of his kidneys was removed completely. The doctor informed him that he was cured of his cancer and was completely healed. The following year, however, a CT scan showed that there were 3 fresh cancer spots that had developed on his pancreas. The patient was concerned and started to research natural alternatives instead of surgery.

The acupuncture cancer patient found Agape Acupuncture and although the clinic was almost 60 miles from their home, they felt that they should come visit the clinic. The patient came to the clinic and started acupuncture. Dr. Kevin Huang offered the acupuncture cancer patient dietary and exercise guidelines to help the patient live a healthier life. Dr. Huang encouraged the patient to eat more fruits and vegetables and to live a healthier lifestyle. The patient followed Dr. Huang’s suggestions and continued with acupuncture.

In July of that same year, the acupuncture cancer patient went in for a CT scan and it showed that the cancer spots on his pancreas had completely disappeared. The patient was completely overjoyed and was glad to hear of the following results–several scans after that CT scan also showed the same thing. Although the patient continued on medication suggested by his primary doctor, he was told that he was in remission. His oncologist was pleased and surprised at how well the patient was doing. The acupuncture cancer patient is truly thankful to God and Agape Acupuncture!



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