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This is a great encouraging testimonial and 5 star review of acupuncture treatments for infertility with difficult menstruation problems. Our patient also suffered from auto-immune disease and low thyroid and received physician warnings concerning her fertility. Acupuncture and herbs are effective for restoring male and female reproductive health to help couples get pregnant. This patient utilized acupuncture through her pregnancy as well to maintain her health and the health of her baby girl. After delivery, acupuncture was used to help morning sickness and to help with swelling and stretch marks.




Dear Dr. Kevin,

We are excited for you meet our little girl, Sarah.  She is a gift from God!

Despite my physician’s warnings concerning my fertility and auto-immune disease, I was able to conceive and I had a surprisingly easy pregnancy.  Natural Medicine strengthened my body, overcoming various issues, including hypothyroidism and incapacitating periods.  The results of the acupuncture and herbal teas were amazing and even surprised my physician.

After my thyroid levels were normal, I was able to get pregnant.  I continued with acupuncture and the herbal teas through my pregnancy to remain healthy and to strengthen our daughter.   The acupuncture helped keep my morning sickness at bay during the first trimester and I had no swelling or stretch marks.

Sarah is now four months old and is developing extraordinarily well.  We am so thankful and I am so moved by this experience that I hope that this will help others in similar circumstances!

Thank you for your guidance, encouragement and expertise. Sincerely, L&D A

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5 / 5 stars     
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