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Acupuncture Pain Treatment Results Seen! Agape Acupuncture – Acupuncturist Serving Orange Country – Dietary Supplements, Natural Medicine, Acupuncture Pain Treatments, Herbs

If you have been suffering from debilitating pain, acupuncture pain testimonials will show you that acupuncture is a great method to relieve pain. A patient who visited Agape Acupuncture had been suffering from pain from a herniated disc and chronic pain in her lower back. The patient suffered from pain everyday and her pain was not relieved, even though she was on pain killers and muscle relaxers. Since the patient has always been very active, the pain affected every aspect of her life. The patient was unable to sleep, sit down, walk, or even lie down. She was unable to play with her children, nor could she go running or play golf. Although the patient saw several specialists and physicians, nothing helped.

A friend referred the patient to Agape Acupuncture for acupuncture pain treatments. The patient had never had acupuncture before and she did not want to get surgery. She started acupuncture pain treatments and was rejuvenated by the treatments; the sessions left her feeling more energetic and relaxed. She also took tablets and continued on the dietary guidelines suggested by Dr. Kevin Huang. After the first acupuncture pain treatment, the patient said she felt a difference. From that time onward, the patient started to improve. She was able to continue with her daily routines and is able to even live a better quality life. In the process, the patient lost weight and re-gained her vitality.

The patient is pleased that she has her life back and is glad to share her testimonial with others. The acupuncture pain treatments truly helped and the patient is now a believer in natural medicine. She is thankful to Dr. Huang and the kind and friendly staff at Agape Acupuncture. The patient says she now has a profound respect for natural medicine and acupuncture pain treatments.



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