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Auto Immune Disease


HOW IS PSORIASIS TREATED WITH ACUPUNCTURE AND HERBS? ACUPUNCTURIST SERVING SOUTH COAST SANTA ANA FOR THE TREATMENT OF AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES PSORIASIS SYMPTOMS: Plaque Psoriasis is a widespread type of psoriasis. It characterized by thick plaque, patchy, red rashes. The rashes are oval to circular in shape; with white, silvery scales. Psoriasis often shows up on the lower back, elbows, scalp and knees. This chronic inflammatory skin condition is not contagious. aq Various …Read More

Acupuncture Ulcerative Colitis | Colitis Acupuncturist | Digestive Disorder | Successfully Treated with Acupuncture, Herbs, Diet and Nutrition | Clinical Experience | Great Results for UC | 5 Star Review by A.A.

This patient suffered from Ulcerative Colitis (UC), an auto-immune disease, and he can’t imagine his life without natural medicine. It is such a joy and blessing to witness these amazing testimonials of real recovery and healing with acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, diet and food therapy. Natural Medicine Works!!! ULCERATIVE COLITIS My Name is A.A. I am 19 years old and I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2006 when I was …Read More

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This is a great encouraging testimonial and 5 star review of acupuncture treatments for infertility with difficult menstruation problems. Our patient also suffered from auto-immune disease and low thyroid and received physician warnings concerning her fertility. Acupuncture and herbs are effective for restoring male and female reproductive health to help couples get pregnant. This patient utilized acupuncture through her pregnancy as well to maintain her health and the health of …Read More

Acupuncture Autoimmune Disease Acupuncturist Crohns Disease Healed with Natural Medicine, Herbs, Food Therapy, Dietary Supplements | A mother shares her experience about her son with Crohn’s Disease

A mother shares her journey about her son who suffered from Crohn’s Disease, an auto-immune condition in this testimonial review. She saw her son turn increasingly angry and short-tempered because of his battle with severe pain and inability to eat. He lost 30 pounds during this ordeal, was malnourished, and ended up in the hospital due to bowel obstruction. We hope that you will be encouraged by reading their story …Read More

Acupuncture Crohn’s Disease Acupuncturist Autoimmune Disease Crohns | Successful treatment by Agape Acupuncture in Costa Mesa using natural medicine, herbs, nutrition, diet, supplements | Testimonial Great Review by CH

Crohn’s Disease is an autoimmune condition that may affect any part of the gastrointestinal (GI) system. It has many complications, symptoms and is a chronic inflammatory disease. In Western modern medicine, there are only steroids and medications to cope with the symptoms and many patients are told they will have to live with the disease for the rest of their life. There is hope because Agape Acupuncture is successful in …Read More

Acupuncture Autoimmune Disease successfully treated with herbs, acupuncture, food, nutrition, dietary supplements, Autoimmune, Acupuncturist, EBV, Hyperthyroid, Anemic, High Cholesterol

AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES Autoimmune, EBV, Hyperthyroid, Anemic, High Cholesterol The patient in the photograph is a 17 year old, who suffered from an autoimmune condition: “At that point, she was also feeling really weak and she could barely walk with her swollen ankles. My husband researched her symptoms and we realized there was no known Western cure for what she was experiencing. There was only thyroid medication and steroids to reduce …Read More

Acupuncture Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acupuncture Auto Immune Disease, Acupuncture Natural Pain Relief, We treat the cause of the problem and do not cover up symptoms using Acupuncture, Herbs, Diet and Nutrition. Acupuncture Can Help!!! – R.A. Article by Staff Writer

Acupuncture Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acupuncture Auto Immune Disease, Acupuncture Natural Pain Relief – We treat the cause of the problem and do not cover up symptoms using Acupuncture, Herbs, Diet, Food Therapy and Nutrition. Acupuncture can greatly benefit auto-immune conditions and reduce pain and inflammation in the joints. – R.A. Article Written by Staff Writer, Agape Acupuncture, Inc. HOW IS RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS (R.A.) TREATED WITH ACUPUNCTURE? RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS SYMPTOMS: Rheumatoid Arthritis …Read More