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Eczema And Migraine Testimonial And Review Of Agape Acupuncture Offering Acupuncture, Acupuncturist, Herbs, Dietary Supplements And Nutrition to Serve Patients By PAA



Acupuncture Eczema Acupuncture Migraine Acupuncturist - Agape Acupuncture Offers Acupuncture, Herbs, Dietary Supplements And Nutrition To Serve You

Testimonial Acupuncture Eczema And Acupuncture Migraine – Agape Acupuncture

“I would refer someone to Agape Acupuncture because it works! Simply as that! No treatment in my past has improved my quality of life as much as your clinic has. The acupuncture has taken away all headaches and eczema.”

I was diagnosed with eczema and migraine headaches at 13 years old. I suffered with this condition for 9 years and felt nervous that it would effect my skin my whole life. The headaches limited me where I could not go to work. The migraine headaches caused extreme nausea, and I was very light and sound sensitive. It caused me to be sick and it was hard to talk with people or focus on anything. The eczema made my skin extremely itchy…READ MORE>>>