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HOW IS PSORIASIS TREATED WITH ACUPUNCTURE AND HERBS? ACUPUNCTURIST SERVING¬†SOUTH COAST SANTA ANA¬†FOR THE TREATMENT OF AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES PSORIASIS SYMPTOMS: Plaque Psoriasis is a widespread type of psoriasis. It characterized by thick plaque, patchy, red rashes. The rashes are oval to circular in shape; with white, silvery scales. Psoriasis often shows up on the lower back, elbows, scalp and knees. This chronic inflammatory skin condition is not contagious. aq Various …Read More

Natural Medicine for Eczema and Herbal Cream for Skin Condition – Gentle, Safe and Effective for Infants, Children and Toddlers

A grandmother shares her story about her granddaughter’s rapid recovery from Eczema and Skin conditions that affected this tiny infant for a few months. We used herbal medicinal cream on her and within 24 hours, there was wonderful healing!!! Look at the before and after photos as evidence of the healing process. Natural Medicine and herbs are great for promoting, maintaining and restoring health and it works well in the …Read More

Acupuncture Eczema And Acupuncture Migraine Testimonial And Review Of Agape Acupuncture Offering Acupuncture, Acupuncturist, Herbs, Dietary Supplements And Nutrition to Serve Patients By PAA

AGAPE ACUPUNCTURE HAS ANOTHER TESTIMONIAL TO SHARE WITH YOU THE HOPE AND ENCOURAGEMENT OF PATIENT FOR ACUPUNCTURE ECZEMA, ACUPUNCTURE MIGRAINE AND ACUPUNCTURE HEADACHES I was diagnosed with eczema and migraine headaches at 13 years old. I suffered with this condition for 9 years and felt nervous that it would effect my skin my whole life. The headaches limited me where I could not go to work. The migraine headaches caused …Read More