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What Is Acupuncture? Agape Acupuncture in Orange County is Your Acupuncturist Offering Dietary Supplements, Herbs, Acupuncture Treatments For Pain and Illnesses

What is acupuncture is a question that some may ask, especially if they are unfamiliar with acupuncture or natural medicine. Acupuncture is a very effective and painless method of treatment that can relieve pain and various illnesses of the body. It is a age-old treatment method that has been used in ancient China and is still in practice to this day. In fact, natural medicine and acupuncture is the oldest medical system that is still used in contemporary medicine today. The results from acupuncture have been phenomenal.

If you are asking what is acupuncture, then it is time to see firsthand how acupuncture can greatly benefit your body and improve your health. Acupuncture is a method that inserts thin needles into strategic acupuncture points throughout the body. Just like a key is placed into the ignition of a vehicle, each acupuncture needle acts like a key that “starts up” and encourages the energy flow throughout the body. The energy flow allows the body to nourish the tissues and encourages the body to heal itself. When the meridians, or channels of energy throughout the body are hindered or blocked, the body is hindered as well from being able to heal naturally. Acupuncture releases the obstruction and allows for the body to re-balance itself.

What is acupuncture is defined in modern terms as a method that causes the body to release chemicals that help to stimulate the body’s systems. This encourages the entire emotional and physical well being of a person. Acupuncture is effective when used to treat pain or other illnesses of the body, and it is beneficial for the body. Acupuncture does not require painful or irreversible procedures, but it is a way to encourage the body to heal itself. When you are learning what is acupuncture, you will be pleased to learn that it is not associated with negative side effects.

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